My Awesome Day

Today was one of those days where I realized how filled with awesome my life is.  I have the best friends, the best job, and pretty much get to do the all the best stuff.

I started my day bright and early (around 11 am).  Went to lunch at Joe Bologna’s with my friend Ben where we discussed several entrepreneurial and high tech initiatives going on throughout Lexington.

#3 w/ clients

Next, I got to mentor a soccer coach who is starting a business that focuses on training student athletes and helping them with the recruiting process.  That meeting was briefly interrupted to do #3 (shown left) w/ my APAX team, the UK CTO and a UK professor (also a client of APAX).  If you aren’t familiar with #3, just ask anyone at Awesome Inc about it and get ready to feel so cool.

I had a quick rainmaker meeting with a team alpha member who just finished this video .Then I spent the next 3 hours working on a business plan for a touch screen company we are launching called AwesomeTouch.  I, of course, got to do this with my friends Nick, Ryan, and John which made it way more fun than you would expect.  We finished up the business meeting w/ dinner at Hugh Jass Burgers, a new burger joint in Lexington.  While we were there we even secured a meeting w/ the owner next week to talk to him about installing touch screens in his restaurant.Pete’s play

By now it’s 7:00.  I have tickets to a 7:30 play that features homeless (or formerly homeless) people called “Please don’t call us homeless…we don’t call you homed”.  I’m mostly interested in this play because it features Pete the Painter, a formerly homeless man who Awesome Inc has been helping out for the past year.  My friends Luke, Katharine (aka: party), Michelle and I walk down main street to watch the play.  I was super proud of him for playing his part and remembering all 5 of his lines. He did awesome…and even wore an Pete’s playAwesome Inc decal sticker the entire play across his chest :).

Next up, my friend Zabu was throwing a party for his company, Model Sensation.  He hooked us up with VIP passes and threw a legit party at The Loft, a local club in town.  After leaving that party I met some other friends at Saddle Ridge.

I finished off the day cranking through some email and writing this blog post.  Now I’m going to bed because I get to coach my 11 year old soccer team tomorrow…If you know me, I’ve probably said this before, but “I love my life”.