My top 6 goals for 2012

In no particular order, below are my top six goals for 2012…I tried to make all of these goals SMART goals (thanks to my mentor: Lou Allegra).





Time Bound

 1.     Start or accelerate 20 companies – More on this goal in a future blog post.  The basics – Awesome Inc will help start or accelerate 20 companies in 2012.

Deadline: Dec 31st

Awesome Inc

 2.      APAX Software continues to be profitable – APAX is the engine that drives a lot of my other activities. I’ve been very proud of this company and my team’s ability to run it efficiently and profitably over the past two years. Succeeding at this goal is critical to my ability to continue many of the other entrepreneurial activities I’m involved in.

Deadline: Dec 31st

APAX Software

3.       Win State Cup – The team I coach, Lexington FC Premier 99 Boys, has a team goal of winning state cup this year.  In my mind we are the frontrunner, but have some obstacles to overcome – including: discipline issues, the loss of one of our top players to a recent family relocation, and a very difficult schedule leading up to state cup that could be demoralizing if not managed properly.

Deadline: June 3rd

LFC 99 Boys

4.       One trip per month – My girlfriend loves to travel.  I don’t hate it, but traveled a ton in 2011 and don’t believe that waiting in airports, missing layovers, and not having access to my home refrigerator is all that it’s cracked up to be.  This goal could be interpreted as an upper limit as much as a lower.  That said, I am looking forward to taking some exciting trips this year including my first trip to Winter Park Ski Resort in CO.

Deadline: Dec 31st

Brian’s 2011 travel

2011 travel map

5.       Read Proverbs – My minister challenged me with this tonight.  He said that he sets a New Year’s Resolution every year to become wiser.  And since Proverbs was written by King Solomon, arguably the wisest man to ever live, my minister rereads Proverbs several times over each year.  I’d also like to be wiser, so I’ll take him up on the challenge.

Deadline: April 1st

6.      BuildingLayer Funded – My latest startup is using indoor maps to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.  We made great progress in 2011, and in order to keep the needle moving we need to raise a 500K round of financing.  We have almost half of this round committed, so fingers crossed we’ll knock this out by the midway point this year.

Deadline: June 1st

Disclaimer on this goal: This goal could be removed from the list if we decide we don’t need to be a funded venture…which is a possibility.