New Technology – March 17th – Speak Selection


Speak Selection allows you to select text on your iPhone and then have it read aloud to you. This is great for when you are driving or doing something else and you want to listen to emails, articles or other content. To enable it, go to your settings, go to general, go to accessibility, and select speak selection. Turn it on and select speaking rate.

Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to enable and use it.

New Technology – March 3rd – Screen Capture

Screen Capture

I often want to capture a screenshot of the website I am displaying and then save it as an image to send to someone else to view. I used to do this by hitting the “print screen” button, opening up a graphic design program (such as Photoshop or Paint), pasting the clipboard into the program and then saving it as an image. Then I found a much easier way to do this. Google makes an extension tool for Chrome called “Screen Capture” which can be downloaded here. This tool allows you to capture the entire page or a custom section of the page and save it as a .png file.

There is a tool for Firefox as well which can be downloaded here.