New Technology – October 20th – Great Clips Mobile App


I had a great experience with this app this week.  For those of you that know me well, I really hate wasting time.

On Saturday, I needed a haircut.  So, I booked my appointment through the Great Clips app at the location closest to my office.  It told me the wait time was about 12 minutes.  It was about a 10 minute drive to Great Clips.  As I arrived, the person in front of me gave the clerk his name and she put his name on the list, “It will be about 15-20 minutes”, she said.  I stepped up to the counter and she asked, “Did you check in online?”.  I said, “yes, I did.  My name is Brian.”.  “Great, we’re ready for you right now.”  Sweet!!!  No wait time.

As I walked back I noticed the guy who had a 15 minute wait get on his phone and start downloading the app.